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April 10, 2018

Welcome to the Worcester County Sheriff's Office Website. We are happy to provide this site as a resource for use by the county residents, visitors, media and the general public. By following us on the Internet, you can help make Worcester County a safer place to live and visit from the comfort of your living room. Check in often to see what we are doing for you.

It was an honor and a privilege when I was asked by Sheriff Charles Martin to return to my post in January of 2010, due to his illness. Upon the requests of many Republicans, Democrats and Independents who were aware of my previous track record, I was further honored and made the decision to continue and serve the communities in this County as I have done these last 38 years. I truly care about the people of this County where I have lived all my life, and I care about each one of my Deputies. I am also proud of my endorsement for Sheriff by area Chief's of Police, Mayor and City Council's, Civil / Fraternal Organizations and businesses within Worcester County.