Worcester County Sheriff's Office

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Support Services

Records Section

The records section is responsible for maintaining all Sheriff’s Office reports.  Inside of this section required statistical reporting is made to the Maryland State Police and subsequently the Federal Bureau of Investigation through Uniform Crime Reporting.  In 2022 the Sheriff’s Office became a certified agency to electronically report all statistics using the National Incident Based Reporting Sytstem (N.I.B.R.S.).  This certification has replaced a several days process of preparing a summary report of crimes with more robust reporting that now is accomplished with a click of a mouse. 

Facilities Maintenance

The Sheriff’s Office currently operates out of three facilities within the County.  The main office, housing most of the operations, is located within the Worcester County Government Center and Circuit Court House in Snow Hill.  Additionally, the Sheriff’s Office operates a Joint Special Operations Center in Berlin that houses among other entities the Worcester Criminal Bureau of Investigation and Worcester County Criminal Enforcement Team.  The Sheriff’s Office also maintains the Worcester County Firearms Range on Langmaid Road in Newark. 

Fleet Management

The Sheriff’s Office operates a fleet of over 100 vehicles.  Most of the vehicles are Chevrolet Tahoe’s, both pursuit and non-pursuit models ranging from model year 2009 through 2023.  There are several Ford Crown Victoria Interceptors still in service in the School Resource Division as well as Ford Expeditions in the Judicial Services Division.  The fleet also contains several vehicles for the Sheriff’s Tactical Armed Response team and All-Terrain Vehicles used at various public events and “off the beaten path” incidents. 

Property & Evidence Management

The property room of the Sheriff’s Office maintains all property taken into the custody of the Sheriff’s Office.  This property includes but is not limited to criminal evidence, firearms seized pursuant to Domestic Violence and Extreme Risk Protective Orders, and property held for safekeeping pending owner identification. If you have questions about the return of your property you may contact the property section Monday through Friday 8:00 am to 4:00 pm.  You are strongly encouraged to call before arriving as it is likely that your property will require a release that may not be readily available.


Digital Evidence Management

Digital Evidence Management encompasses all digital evidence the Sheriff’s Office creates or ingests.  This includes but is not limited to Body Worn Camera Footage, Vehicle Mounted Camera Footage, and public & private closed circuit television footage. 


MPIA Management