Worcester County Sheriff's Office

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Civilian School Crossing Guard

Mature adult, average intelligence; good physical condition, including sight, hearing and mobility; mentally alert; neat appearance; good character; dependability with a sense of responsibility for the safety of students.  Individuals selected must provide their own transportation to and from the assigned duty locations.

Individuals must pass a two day training session of classroom and practical traffic direction skills.
Daily assignments require being on station at a required time and managing both vehicle and pedestrian traffic during school mornings and afternoons.

Individuals selected will be required to direct traffic during the hours when school buses arrive and depart schools throughout the school year (estimated 180 days).  They will be required to report traffic violations to deputies or police officers for officials and will be monitored and evaluated by the Sheriff of Worcester County.  The scheduled assignments may be adjusted or canelled due to weather or school closings.

This position will require standing for approximately 45 minutes in traffic for each assignment.  Crossing Guards are compensated for a period of two hours for the morning assignment and two hours for the afternoon assignment.  Foul weather gear and safety vest are supplied to each crossing guard.  All other clothing (coat, gloves, etc.) are supplied by the Crossing Guard at their own expense.  Salary is $16.60 per hour.

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Friday, May 1, 2020