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Full Time Lateral Deputy Maryland Certified

The Worcester County Sheriff’s Office is currently seeking qualified individuals for the position of Deputy Sheriff Lateral. This position is for certified Maryland officers.

Worcester County is the most eastern county in the State of Maryland and borders the states of Delaware and Virginia. Worcester County covers a vast area which is nearly 694 square miles. Worcester County is home to Ocean City, and the county seat, Snow Hill. The population of Worcester County is approximately 55,000.

If you are looking for an exciting and meaningful future in law enforcement, consider a career as a Worcester County Deputy Sheriff.

As a Deputy Sheriff, we offer countless unique assignment opportunities. These assignments include positions in Worcester County Public Schools, Circuit Court, Rural communities, Drug Enforcement, K-9, and the Criminal Bureau of Investigation.  All deputies begin their career receiving Entry Level Training at the Eastern Shore Criminal Justice Academy. This process involves 6 months of training that covers topics such as Traffic Laws, Criminal Laws, Court Preparation, Emergency Driving, Firearms Safety and qualifications. Deputies will be assigned to a Field Training Officer for 8 weeks. Deputies successfully completing this training will be assigned a patrol providing services to the citizens of Worcester County. Deputies are assigned a take home patrol vehicle as long as they live in Worcester County and gain a strong sense of ownership in their communities by interacting with the residents, business owners, and visitors to the area. Often, their assignments require working together within the community with other police agencies. Deputies also participate in the Maryland LEOPS program.

The entry level salary for the position of Deputy Sheriff is currently at $44,972 with an additional 5% for those assigned to Road Patrol. 


All applicants must be 21 years old and be able to pass the following:

  1. Written Exam
  2. Physical agility test
  3. Oral interview
  4. Background check
  5. Polygraph, Psychological tests
  6. Medical exam, Drug screen
Application Deadline:
Open until filled

Part Time Deputy


This job description will cover the assignments and the duties for the positions of a Part-Time Deputy Sheriff. The position of Deputy Sheriff is defined as a person that is hired by the Worcester County Sheriff’s Office and holds an approved certification issued by the Maryland Police and Corrections Training Commission. This person must successfully complete and pass the background investigation process as set forth by this Agency. This person must complete and pass the Entrance Level Training Class as established by the Maryland Police and Corrections Training Commission and the Eastern Shore Criminal Justice Academy. The Deputy Sheriff must also successfully complete the required probationary period of eighteen (18) months as stated in the Worcester County Sheriff’s Office Rules and Regulations Manual.

Qualifications and Skills:

  • Must possess a High School Diploma or GED Equivalency
  • Must successfully complete for Entrance Level Academy as set forth by the Maryland Police and Corrections Training Commission.
  • Must be able to pass a background investigation, including psychological testing, medical examination, and drug and alcohol screening.
  • Must display good communication skills, both verbally and in writing.
  • Must be able to work with co-workers in a harmonious manner.
  • Must successfully complete the required probationary period.



  1. Patrolling all roads within Worcester County conducting business checks, house checks, and all other area checks, providing a visible presence.
  2. Respond to calls for service and incidents requiring investigation and a police presence. This includes but is not limited to criminal events, traffic violations and crash investigations, and providing assistance to citizens with legal concerns or problems, involving criminal events, domestic situations and Court orders.
  3. Responsible for the enforcement of all Federal, State, County, and Local laws as each situation requires.
  4. Must stay up to date on all Federal, State, County, and Local laws and changes as set forth by the appropriate Government bodies assigned to do so.
  5. Required to conduct interviews of witnesses, victims, and suspects during investigative process.
  6. Responsible for crime scene preservation and evidence collection.
  7. Responsible for attempting to serve and serving all warrants as issued by this Courts and assigned by this Agency.
  8. Required to make arrests as needed in all warrant services, on site criminal events, and traffic investigations.
  9. Transport prisoners in and out of County.
  10. Provide Courtroom testimony as needed.
  11. Prisoner processing and security.
  12. Provide First Responder medical attention as needed.
  13. Maintenance and care of all lethal and non-lethal weapons.
  14. Maintenance and care of all uniforms, issued duty gear, vehicles, and all other equipment as issued by this Agency.
  15. Report for required Court appearances and assignments as instructed.
  16. Must maintain a good working relationship with all co-workers, Supervisors, and Command Staff.
  17. Responsible for staying in a physically fit condition. Such condition must allow the deputy to restrain combative and violent subjects while effecting arrests.
  18. Must have good communication skills in writing and in person.
  19. Handle any and all assignments and duties as assigned by the Sheriff or his designee.
  20. May be assigned to different divisions including the School Division, to provide Safety and Security of students, staff and visitors during the year as needed.
Application Deadline:
Open until filled