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Worcester County Sheriff's Office Warns of Scam Calls

The Worcester County Sheriff’s Office wants to make you aware of a phone scam taking place in our area. Members of the community have been contacted by the following telephone number: 410-630-5151. The caller claims to be from the Worcester County Sheriff’s Office and informs the recipient that they have a warrant for their arrest that can be cleared by purchasing pre-paid gift cards/ payments.

We want to make it clear that this is a scam and NOT really the Worcester County Sheriff’s Office. If you attempt to call the number back you will receive a message and voice prompts that imitate the actual sheriff’s office phone system. The Worcester County Sheriff’s Office does not contact fugitives by phone and will NEVER ask to be paid by a gift card/ payment to clear a warrant.

If you have received a call from 410-630-5151 please do not offer any personal information or payment and please contact us at 410-632-1111.