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New Traffic Speed Device

One of the leading causes of crashes is speed. Last year there were 557 deaths on Maryland roadways due to automobile crashes. In an effort to reduce crashes and fatalities associated with crashes, the Worcester County Sheriff’s Office will be utilizing new technology in measuring speed. The speed detection device can record vehicle speeds and photograph violators for later identification. The device will be augmented with a Deputy in the area enforcing the traffic laws.

The following County locations will have the speed detection device and Deputies enforcing traffic laws throughout the coming months.

Public Landing
Rt. 12 North and South of Snow Hill
Friendship Road
Rt. 575
South Point
Rt. 589 near Showell Elementary School

If you live in an area that is experiencing a speed problem, please contact the Worcester County Sheriff’s Office. We will set up the device and monitor the speed and do enforcement when required.

The easiest way to not receive a speed citation is, don’t exceed the posted speed limit.

There is not a 10 mile an hour over the limit grace speed.

Help us work toward zero deaths on our roadways.