Worcester County Sheriff's Office

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K-9 Team Tactical Training Course, hosted by WCSO K-9 Unit

November 11-14th, 2019 (4 Day Course)

High Drive K-9 is offering a Realistic, Practical and Cutting-Edge course that focuses directly on the Real-Life engatgement's relating to Tactical problems when K-9 is deployed.  During this course, you will be provided with a real-life training approach, proven K-9 tactics and established advantages to strengthen K-9 teams for High Risk deployments.  In addition, you will be exposed and involved in numerous disciplines:  vehicle assaults, tactical building searches, tactical tracking scenarios implementation, weapon mainipulation, etc. and numerous drills & exercises that will build and strengthen your K-9 team, while at the same time preparing you properly for real life street deployments.  This course is Scenario based and will entail force on force simunitions throughout.

$495.00 per registrant