Worcester County Sheriff's Office

Proud to Protect, Ready to Serve

Road Patrol

The Worcester County Sheriff’s Office Road Patrol Division is comprised of 28 Sworn Deputies who are responsible for patrolling 468 square miles of county and serve an estimated 51,000 year round residents. Each shift is staffed with a supervisor and 3 deputies who are assigned areas within the county for patrol.

All deputies are responsible for enforcing motor vehicle laws, criminal laws, and handling calls for service within their assigned areas. Road Deputies also are assigned District and Circuit Court orders and handle after hour prisoner transports within the State of Maryland.

Road Deputies receive additional training during the year which includes use of force, diversity training, and computer related training. Deputies attend bi-annual firearm qualifications, and must maintain their qualifications each year in accordance with the Maryland Police Training Commission.

Warrant & Protection Order Service

The Worcester County Sheriff’s Office currently employs several civilian "Warrant Clerks". These administrative assistants are responsible for entering the initial warrants into NCIC and removing them when they are served. Each year, the Sheriff’s Office processes thousands of warrants that are issued by the Circuit Court, District Court and Probation Offices in Worcester County. They are also responsible for entering all civil process papers into our Records Management System (RMS) The RMS is utilized by all sworn deputies and civilian staff to manage the assignments of Civil Court Orders and summons. The unit processes several thousand orders each year. The Bureau of Child Enforcement and Support also provides orders that the unit enters into local and national data bases for enforcement. The unit is responsible for all court ordered papers that are assigned to the Sheriff’s Office for service and are subject to annual audits conducted by the Maryland State Police and Federal Bureau of Investigation.