Worcester County Sheriff's Office

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Criminal Investigations

Child Advocacy Center

The mission of the CRICKET Center is to provide a comprehensive, culturally competent, multidisciplinary team approach to the investigation, prosecution and treatment of child physical and sexual abuse in a child-friendly environment. This collaborative team response will enhance the investigative process, facilitate the prosecution of those who commit these crimes in Worcester County, minimize the trauma of abuse for the child victim and the non-offending family members, prevent further victimization, and promote emotional healing for the child victim and family.

The Child Advocacy Center, includes child protection workers, medical and mental health professionals, local law enforcement, Atlantic General Hospital, Life Crisis, Inc., and the Worcester County State’s Attorney’s Office.


County Bureau of Investigations

The Worcester Bureau of Investigation (WCBI) is a combined law enforcement investigative criminal unit. WCBI handles and investigates the most serious felony crimes that occur in the county other than Ocean City and Ocean Pines jurisdictions. We have investigators from the Maryland State Police, Worcester County Sheriff’s Office, Berlin Police Department and the Pocomoke Police Department. Your case may be referred to us from the independent agency that responds to your initial call for service. If your case is being handled by WCBI, investigators will be in contact with you.

Criminal Enforcement Tean

The Worcester County Criminal Enforcement Team is tasked with drug investigations and illegal activity within Worcester County. The CET unit is comprised of investigators from the Ocean City Police Department, Pocomoke City Police Department, Maryland State Police, Office of Homeland Security, and Worcester County Sheriff’s Office. The unit is responsible for responding to all drug investigations, drug overdoses, and intercepting illegal contraband on the state and county roadways. The unit is also supplemented by a trained narcotic drug detection K-9. In 2016, the office added a heroin coordinator to assist the agency in developing a long-term strategy in combating the heroin epidemic that was taking hold in many of our communities. Each year, the CET unit is recognized for its dedication and strong enforcement work in removing illegal narcotics and guns from our streets.

Sex Offender Registry

The Worcester County Sheriff’s Office currently has two deputies assigned to monitoring the 100 registered sex offenders who work or live in our County. These individuals are required by law to register with the Sheriff’s Office upon conviction in court. Deputies closely monitor their employment, their place of residency and their probation arrangements. Those who are on the list are required to check-in with our Sex Offender Unit as directed by the courts. Those who fail to do so are reported to the courts and charged with criminal charges related to failure to comply with court orders. Deputies are also responsible for those offenders who move to the area during the summer for employment purposes.