Worcester County Sheriff's Office

Proud to Protect, Ready to Serve

Civil Division

Civil Process

One of the primary duties of the Sheriff is to insure the prompt service of all civil court process to all concerned parties. This includes all writs and levies issued by the courts. Our deputies conduct evictions and oversee the sale of property ordered by the courts to satisfy debt service.  This involves the service of thousands of court issued civil process during a typical year.

Courthouse Security

The Worcester County Courthouse contains several operating courts:

  • Three (3) Circuit Courts
  • One (1) Family Court
  • One (1) Orphan’s Court
  • One (1) Juvenile Court
  • One (2) Drug Courts
  • One (1) Truancy Court

The Worcester County Sheriff’s Office provides security for the Courthouse complex and for each individual court when they are open for the regular conduct of business.  During regular business hours, all persons entering the Courthouse complex are subject to electro-magnetic scanning along with any belongings they wish to bring onto county property. The Sheriff’s Office works with the Chief Circuit Court Judge as well as the Circuit Court Administrator to insure that all courts are operated safely and securely.

Government Center Security

The Sheriff’s office is also tasked with providing perimeter and building security of the greater court house complex and the County Government Center. Deputies actively patrol the grounds and conduct a security checkpoint at all entry points. Those conducting regular business with Worcester County are required to submit to a electro-magnetic scan along with any belongings they desire to bring onto the property.

Prisoner Transports and Extraditions

The Sheriff’s Office Civil Division conducts prisoner transports both in-state and out-of-state for the purpose of warrant service and other orders of the courts. Being a resort county insures that our deputies stay busy picking up wanted subjects outside of our area and transporting prisoners for court dates across the State of Maryland when compelled by a court order.  Deputies often travel outside of Maryland to extradite prisoners back to face trial on charges originating in Worcester County.  Deputies log tens of thousands of miles conducting these types of transports and extraditions.